For Boeing, home is wherever there's an airport


It takes two to fly it and 2,400 to get it off the ground.


This year, Boeing airplanes will carry more people
than live in England, France, Austria, Peru, Venezuela, Canada, and the United States.


While you slept last night, Boeing airplanes,
landed 6,000 times throughout the world.

For a number of years I photographed the Boeing campaigns and we traveled just about anywhere Boeing planes landed and took off. We did many hours of air to imagery as well which was very exciting flying in a specially outfitted small jet with an extraordinary pilot who really understood the ins and outs of flying navigating his little craft right next to, even under the wing, of a Giant 747, or whatever, at 25,000 feet and 400 plus mph. We photographed in all kinds of weather and situations on islands in the Pacific, and strange airports in China and Nepal and India an so on. The thing that most people do not realize when they want to shoot these behomeths is that they are BIG, very big. When one has to make images of them, such as lighting with giant movie lights the image in the upper left hand corner of this page, it is actually a staggering problem due, for no other reason, to the fact that the size and the distances required to make t.he image feel real to viewer are vast