William Thompson

This summer I am offering two Visual Anthropolgy "Adventures". I have been teaching Visual Anthropology for a number of years for Quest University Canada, and the 21day University course has been taught in Ladakh and Zanskar. Recently, I have been asked to teach a similar course, exploring and photographing this same region, BUT AS A COURSE FOR ADULTS. The adult "visual adventure" is less, demanding and lasts for 14 day rather than 21. We explore the same villages, monasteries and cultures but without the pressure of grades, research readings, and long treks. If you think you might be interested in this "Adventure" you can download a PDF description of the activities, the goals, and the areas we will be filming and exploring. In part the goals are to make everyone a far better image maker as well explorer of fascinating, albeit disappearing, cultures (as reflected in the photographs above) .


 To download this informational PDF  PRESS HERE.